Kurt Thesing & Barbara Jones
Founders of CIA

We could go on and on about how much experience we have, how committed we are to our clients' success, how cutting-edge our creative is, how we get results, and how all this wonderfulness can help your business do great things.

But here's the thing: most agencies can say that. So it's not going to make us any more unique than the next guy.

What truly sets CIA apart is our ability to determine what sets you apart. And once we figure that out, we market the heck out of it. And we do it in a way that makes your company known, makes your company trusted, and makes your company money. That's "Who We Are."

So who are you? Contact us and let us know more about you and your business.


Partner Bios

Barbara Jones and Kurt Thesing founded CIA in 1998. As with many successful partnerships, CIA began with common connections. Barbara had a resume of working at worldwide agencies and had developed an expertise in consumer advertising. Kurt was a designer on the forefront of digital media. With backgrounds in art direction, their mission was to build an agency that delivered a superior creative product, focused on service. The result was an agency that delivers the best creative solution for clients without ever losing focus on the results that matter.

When CIA came to fruition 14 years ago, many agency names sounded like law firms. So they took a fresh approach with the incorporation of the Creative Intelligence Agency. Why the name CIA? It was the perfect way to let clients know exactly what they would get - a superior Creative product delivered to the marketplace and the Intelligence of a team of top direct marketers formulating every solution.

Barbara and Kurt had an impressive vision, but no clients. Breaking down that barrier would be the first real test of their creative talents at getting a response. They found out that cold calling for new business always got a call back when 'CIA' left a message.